Shannon O’Dwyer Walker

Shannon serves at the Executive Assistant to the executive team at Sweetman Cragun.  Her primary responsibility is to make sure that everything runs smoothly:  scheduling, correspondence, and the timely resolution of information requests.  She organizes work both on-site and off-site, and functions as a client liaison around all of the above. Shannon also plays an important role in the research efforts at the firms, providing technology support.  

Shannon has extensive and varied experience before joining SC.  She has traveled, lived and worked in SouthEast Asia and Africa.  She founded a village school deep in the jungle of in the Philippines where no school had existed before.  She has been a child care specialist in Massachusetts, an estate manager in Washington State and a police officer in Honolulu.  Shannon has a BSc in Criminal Administration and a certification in TEFL/ESL.




Managing Partner, Center for Leading Organizations


Owner, Crave Capital and Advisor 


Advisor and Consulting, Judy Robinett LLC