The Business Jungle: A Thriving Environment

To understand how to effectively reinvent both individually and organizationally, we found it helpful to begin researching why individuals and organizations slip into irrelevance and sometimes fail.

We examined contemporary organizations that were going in the wrong direction. Five of those organizations are found in the table below with a few story lines about their situations.

As you browse through each example, try to identify the primary theme that stands out as the core reason for their poor performance or even extinction.

What do these five examples have in common when it comes to slipping into irrelevance or going extinct? It is their inability to quickly adapt to a fast-changing external business environment.

So let’s lock in a critical principle we must adhere to in today’s Age of Disruption if we want to achieve and sustain success. This truth led us to establish what we feel is a critical law that both individuals and organizations must understand and comply with in the 21st century if they want to have even a remote chance of success: Quickly Adapt, or Perish!

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA