Blinded by the Light: The Six Deadly Blindfolds

Not really. But below are the six deadly metaphorical blindfolds we believe leaders and organizations wear that cause varying degrees of blindness. We picked the term Blindfold because we are confident that these six deadly blindfolds are, in reality, self-imposed!

The blindfold examples we provide below are organizational in nature, but can easily be translated to a professional’s career.

The antidote to organizational blindness is what we call Reinvention Agility.

Reinventive Agile people and organizations embrace change as an ongoing fact and a cost of doing business. They approach new industries, new technologies, new restrictions, and other disruptions with a glass-half-full mind-set. They look for opportunities to take their game to the next level when shockwaves come at them.

Reinventive Agile people and organizations don’t wait to let market disruptions shape them. They instead proactively address and adapt to the new disruptions in a way in which they can influence and leverage the outcome. In our book, Reinvention, we go into depth much more about these blindfolds and how exactly to remove them.  

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA