The Huffington Post / Dodging the 6 Deadly Blindfolds

Kate Sweetman recently contributed an article for The Huffington Post, titled "Dodging the Six Deadly Blindfolds: Maintaining 20-20 Vision in the Age of Disruption". 

There is a powerful new law firmly in place in today’s turbulent and global business environment called the Law of the 21st Century Business Jungle. This law states a profound truth to all those wise enough to listen: Quickly Adapt or Perish!

The landscape is littered with organizations currently challenging this law, or who challenged this law in the past: RadioShack, Sears, Blockbuster Video, Bethlehem Steel, Kmart, Blackberry, Atari, Tidal, and Polaroid. Some are on the way to the emergency room, others are on life support, and an unfortunate few are RIP. In all cases, they’ve been shrink-wrapped in irrelevance for some time.

How is it possible to find organizations that still fail to adapt to the times?

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA