Work–Life Balance — It can exist!

It’s hard to find anyone who feels good about life when they are way out of balance. Being out of balance means that the time and energy focused on one of your key areas of responsibility in your personal and professional life is all consuming and bankrupting the others.

Going through a reinvention exercise inherently means putting yourself or your organization through a time- and energy-intensive process for multiple months. It is easy to get out of balance. And while Stephen R. Covey once said that all human beings have periods of imbalance, and that is okay, what is not okay is for the reinvention effort to end up destroying value in other important relationships and focus points in your life.

We’ve identified five steps that reinventors can undertake that will give them the best chance to maintain a semblance of work–life balance during reinvention.

Five Steps to Maintaining Work–Life Balance

  1. Identify no more than six areas of responsibility that you must do well in.
  2. Identify a twelve-month vision for those areas.
  3. Identify the key goals you want to accomplish in each area while reinventing.
  4. Engage in weekly planning.
  5. Engage in weekly accountability.

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA