The Reinvention Formula

The Reinvention Formula advocates that five crucial elements be addressed and mastered for quantum and effective change to happen:

  • Dissatisfaction (D): Ensuring there is a strong and powerful internal felt need for change.
  • Focus (F): Ensuring there is a compelling and articulated desired future state that generates forward movement and staying power.
  • Alignment (A): Ensuring appropriate infrastructure is installed—processes, tools, structure, equipment, finances, systems—to enable flawless execution of the focus.
  • Execution (E): Ensuring a comprehensive game plan with clear milestones is in place; installing a high-performance culture that executes well and fast.
  • Leadership (L): Ensuring exceptional leadership (self-leadership for individuals; organizational leadership for organizations) is exhibited; ensuring the change quotient is in place and high accountability to the game plan.

These elements must outweigh the Cost of Change:

  • Cost of Change (C): The true and perceived costs of change relative to the reinvention effort (physical, social, financial, emotional, and mental).

Disrupting the status quo can be painful. Reinvention is even more so, because the changes are bold in nature. Unless the combined forces of the Change Quotient (D × F × A × E) and Leadership (L) exceed the Cost of Change (C), then a reinvention effort is likely to fail. Costs can be physical, social, financial, and mental.

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA