Three Degrees of Changes

We suggest that there are three degrees of change that individuals and organizations can engage in when striving to improve performance:

  • Degree 1: Continuous improvement: Consistently upgrading your ability to get results.
  • Degree 2: Renovation: Performing a refresh in order to make a meaningful leap in performance.
  • Degree 3: Reinvention: Totally rethinking your business and your ability to compete, perform, and drive results. Nothing is off the table in Reinvention.

My book primarily focuses on Degree 3: Reinvention. The principles we espouse, however, are also applicable to the first two degrees of change, just in smaller doses and with a narrower scope.

The following table better defines the three degrees of change.

What about you? How about the team or organization you associate with? Or the leaders you team up with? Is there a willingness to gather the facts and then confront the most brutal ones in an honest and urgent way?

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA