Five Reinvention Accelerators

Our consulting experience suggests five Reinvention Accelerators that have proven to be highly effective for our clients to make significant change happen and stick over the long-term.

Accelerator 1: Adopting Effective Leader Sets: Ensuring that you and your organization adopt mind-sets, skill sets, tool sets, and behavioral sets in ways that enable you to get superior results.

Accelerator 2: Leveraging Whole-Brain Thinking: Ensuring that all four human brain preferences are tapped into, and leveraged, when designing and implementing reinvention.

Accelerator 3: Crafting a Powerful Leadership Brand: Ensuring you use the reinvention exercise to craft a powerful leadership brand for you or the organization you are leading.

Accelerator 4: Being a Reinvention Champion: Ensuring accountability and implementation of ten powerful attributes of successful Reinvention Champions.

Accelerator 5: Preserving Work–Life Balance: Ensuring an all out effort to be as balanced as possible when undergoing the fast and quantum change reinvention expects.

As great as these accelerators sound, don’t forget that no reinvention, individually or organizationally, ever succeeded without the ability to move people in the pursuit of the goal. Individually, it is your ability to move yourself. Organizationally, it is your ability to move others. At their heart, all five of these accelerators are essentially about getting you and others to move in productive ways.

When one understands what it really takes to climb the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, it is amazing to note the incredible amount of powerful accelerator-enablers climbers must surround themselves with to be successful. Accelerators matter.

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA