The 10 Powerful Attributes of Successful Reinventors

The following worksheet helps you candidly evaluate yourself and your organization against the ten attributes spoken about.

The worksheet also contains two other rating scales that provide deep insight. The first is the “ability” rating. This rates the degree to which you are currently able to implement a particular attribute. The second is the “desire” ranking. This measures the degree to which you have sufficient desire and motivation to adopt that attribute.

To make successful change happen—and to implement the 10 attributes—it takes a powerful combination of both desire and ability.

  • Instructions: Please complete the assessment by answering the following four questions for each reinventor attribute. Please use a scale of 1–10 (1= poor; 5=average; 10=world-class).
  • Overall Score: How well do you currently embody this attribute?
  • Ability Rating: How strong is your ability to use this attribute effectively?
  • Desire Rating: How strong is your desire to become better at this attribute?
  • Reasons for Scores (Root Causes): Why might your scores be this way in regards to your mind-set, skill set, tool set, and behavioral set?

Becky Schrumm

Boston, MA