There are three powerful leadership levers available to Leader-Accelerators: Vibrant Innovation, Change Mastery, and Shared Energy. Each are intangible traits that competitors rarely are able to replicate. 

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These Leadership Coefficients have the potential to significantly increase the value of an organization and accelerate the Leadership Multiplier Effect when mastered. None of them will appear anywhere on a balance sheet or organization chart. Their intangible nature are building blocks for differentiation for any organization. Intangible Differentiators™ are the new defense for organizations striving to lead and stay ahead.


Leadership Levers


Vibrant Innovation

An active mindset oriented toward innovation creates an environment where new ideas and new discoveries are the lifeblood for survival and growth. Anything short of a passionate dedication to innovation throughout the entire organization is a recipe for stagnation and decline in the modern era of business and society. Our perspective is that innovation can touch every organizational and societal element–much more than just technology innovation or product development innovation. Leader-Accelerators focused on maximizing Vibrant Innovation are always asking the question: “Can we do this more rapidly, with greater quality, in a way this is more cost effective, and amaze away tour customers?”


Change Mastery

Going forward, dynamic and disruptive change within markets, industries, companies, and societies will be the norm. Extinction is the destiny of those individuals, teams, organizations, and societies that don’t learn how to change at, or above, the speed of change. We call that ability to pivot quickly and successfully “Reinvention”, and this is a requirement to not only survive, but to thrive in the Age of Disruption. Leader Accelerators focused on Change Mastery are always asking the question: “Do we have sufficient ways to understand the exponential changes that will happen outside of our control, and a process in place to determine how we are going to proactively act in a way that keeps us three steps ahead of the competition?”

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Shared Energy

Leaders of teams, organizations, and societies that mindfully take into account the untapped energy of each individual and the overall collective will be those that powerfully turn effort into bottom-line results. Everyone comes to work with the need to make a difference and leave a legacy. Exceptional leaders ensure that every individual’s true mission aligns both vertically and horizontally throughout the entity. So magic can happen.

Employee’s eyes light up and additional discretionary focus and effort and time replace the time-card mentality. Leader-Accelerators focused on Shared Energy are always asking the question: “How can I make 1 + 1 = 5 when it comes to my people and organization? How I can I help each individual capture, explore, and use their natural energy in shared ways that create a culture of excellence that delivers powerful results every time?”