By definition, a Leader is charged with setting the course for any organization or group and driving those overall results forward. In our work, we have seen this impact measured across a variety of metrics. We have developed a single, simple measurement that paints a picture of a Leader’s potential for positive or negative impact: The Leadership Multiplier Gauge™.


This gauge illustrates the direction of impact (positive or negative) and the multiple of impact that change has on the organizations. Our research shows that exceptional Leaders can have up to a 3x or even 6x impact on results, while poor leaders can have an equally dramatic -3x or even -6x impact.

Understanding the importance of Leadership and recognizing the measurable impact of this leadership is the core of The Leadership Multiplier Effect. With the increasing speed of business, the Leadership Multiplier Factor can have an exponential impact as business cycles shorten and communication speeds up.





Leaders who create a positive impact on an organization create value, inspire innovation and are more adept at navigating the persistent change in our current Age of Disruption™. Leader-Accelerators work to create a flywheel of positive impact ensuring their trajectory outpaces the industry they work within. 


Leaders who create a negative impact on an organization destroy value, stifle innovation and growth, while negatively affecting the outlook of those within their stewardship. Leader-Decelerators, often through inactivity and care-taking alone, establish a trajectory of falling behind the industry they work within.