Moovs is located in Leiden, Netherlands, in a historical university town near Amsterdam. Moovs is a full service professional services firm with a European focus and an office full of native trainers, coaches and consultants representing almost all European countries. Moovs enables individual, team, and organizational learning through its innovate delivery approaches and methods, including a unique digital media platform. Moovs has a passion for helping clients develop productive and sustainable results for employees, clients, organizations, communities, and societies.




Edwin Boom

Edwin is SweetmanCragun Group’s Managing Director and the CEO of Moovs. As a serial entrepreneur and investor he now owns different companies. He studied social – and organization Psychology at the University of Leiden, and currently specializes in Leadership development, culture and change management, personal growth, hospitality and sales. He is an open personality with a creative mind. With his enthusiasm, he knows how to fascinate, inspire and empower people and organizations.

Roosje Boom-Van Gelder

Roosje is Commercial Director of Moovs. She has over 13 years of experience working as a trainer and consultant for Moovs. She is specialized in behavioral transformations and organizational change. Roosje has a Masters degree in Psychology at the University of Utrecht with a specialization in stress and burnout. Through her inspiring and motivating style of coaching she succeeds in letting her coachees achieve tremendous personal growth.

Debora van Wely

Debora is Digital director at Moovs and leads the new startup Leaplines . An 8 year veteran of Moovs. she is an expert in developing programs and provides training in organizational development and behavioral change. Debora has a Master degree in Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, with a specialization in Change Management. She also has additonal Masters in HRM at Aston University, Birmingham UK.



21 September
Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption
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12 December
Fearless Leadership in the Age of Disruption
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