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The SweetmanCragun Group focuses on discovering new knowledge
and delivering it in new ways to make a real impact on the world.



The SweetmanCragun Group is focused on change, constantly updating our ideas and approaches to make them ever more relevant and actionable in your world. 

We are in constant communication with the best thinkers around the globe and bring their proven thoughts, approaches, methods and examples forward in our work. We deliver in revolutionary ways that more broadly and deeply embed these powerful ideas within the people and organization – by making these new leadership perspectives eminently more retrievable and actionable. Our expertise and philosophy in developing leaders continue to be shared in several major publications such as the Harvard Business Review.



The pervasive turbulence in today’s global business environment can knock even savvy leaders off balance. Facing a world in constant change requires perpetual innovation to stay ahead of the unpredictability. 

To succeed in this environment, leaders must constantly renew their own energy while helping others recharge themselves in order for their organization to stay aligned and act in concert. When this shared energy approach is adopted, the entire organization benefits individually and as a whole. We emphasize this approach in our roles as mentors and coaches to the International Fellows at the MIT Legatum School of Entrepreneurship. Today’s effective leaders accelerate the abilities of those around them to continuously move forward. As they shift mindsets and create larger worldview, leaders must be prepared to adopt new skills and knowledge, change their attitudes and beliefs while helping others around them do the same.