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The Problem
The HR organization needed to deepen its understanding of the "business of the business" to be more effective partners to the line organization

Our Solution
A multi-phased action learning initiative that required key HR leaders to work new behaviors immediately on real challenges - business acumen, strategy, execution.

The program has been on-going for several years


The Problem
Two very large and very different organizations needed to be combined culturally for the merger to work.

Our Solution
The solution: a third culture that required people throughout the organization to step up as leaders. The training ultimately reached 8,000 managers, taking each on a 3 day journey designed to inspire and inform on many dimensions: strategy, team building, influence, innovation, cross-boundary cooperation, resolve.

This program won the then-ASTD award for Leadership Development Program in the US with Highest Practical Impact

Major American-based global technology company

The Problem
Keeping the sales force inspired during a merger, then merging the two organizations

Our Solution
An 18 month program designed around the key phases of the merger integration, paying special attention to the organization's needs at key inflection points. Determining the desired mindsets and behaviors, and creating ways to instill them broadly, deeply and quickly.

This program is in the launch phase and moving rapidly