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Please accept my deep gratitude and thanks for coming together and working as a team yesterday. It helped us deliver an effective and action oriented experience to ~100 EMEA Sales Leaders.You guys ROCK!! And Shane you are a ROCKSTAR!!” Head of Change Management, major US technology company undergoing a simultaneous divestment and merger
Shane’s deep experience in change shows in his understanding and advice. He takes it to a completely different level.
— Chief Marketing Officer
Thanks, Shane…and team – it was fantastic to see the vision and hard work come together with an impactful session for the team.”
— Head of Learning and Development, technology company
Shane knows how to navigate on stage, in the classroom and in the boardroom. He is a very savvy veteran of many change and reinvention campaigns, and it shows.
— Team member, corporate change team
“Shane is a high-octane genius on the stage and in the classroom. I have never experienced such focused energy...”
— Chief Learning Officer, consulting firm in the education space


Kate’s deep knowledge and genuine authority combined with her good humor and humility creates an atmosphere in the classroom of trust, sharing and real learning - -warm and dynamic at the same time.
— Participant in Director-level program
I love her stories! Kate makes her points through stories that you can relate to and remember. I want to be like TShaw!
— Head of HR, telecommunications company
I want to be Kate when I grow up. She is sincere, effective, and so knowledgeable.”
— Former colleague in Asia
Kate’s coaching 10 years ago changed my life - truly. She understood where I was coming from - who I was as a person - and how I best fit into the corporate world. Thank you, Kate!”
— Senior Director in global pharmaceutical company
We want her back!
— Conference organizer
Shane and Kate have terrific energy when they present together. They clearly enjoy working together and bring very complementary strengths.
— Book launch sponsor