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Now you are ready to experience the tangible process of Reinvention! There are eleven steps in creating either your individual or organizational Reinvention Roadmap. These steps don’t necessarily follow the seven-part story line in every detail, but it will be clear as you work through the exercises why they are in the order that they are.

We recommend that you keep a visual copy of the Reinvention Roadmap by your side as you work through this 11-step process. A best practice is to create a large poster of the Reinvention Roadmap Framework and post it on a wall in the room you are using for your design work.

Below are summary explanations of each exercise. These are not intended to be the detailed directions for every step. These explanations are simply to help you understand the flow of the overall Reinvention Roadmap process.

Below you will soon find detailed exercises, as well as templates for each step.